Common categories of server hosting include dedicated servers, shared servers, and cloud servers. The latter two are commonly preferred by startups or small and medium-sized enterprises due to cost considerations. However, as a business grows over time, when should one consider upgrading to a dedicated Taiwan dedicated server?

When should you migrate your business to a dedicated Taiwan dedicated server?

You can observe the following signs on your website:

  • Slow website loading speed: As brand awareness increases, there may be more users accessing your website simultaneously, which can lead to longer page load times. For website users, any delay exceeding three seconds is considered slow. Therefore, if you experience slow loading speeds, it is necessary to upgrade to a dedicated Taiwan dedicated server to prevent customer loss.
  • Frequent downtime: It is preferable for a website to have the highest possible uptime. Otherwise, not only will your reputation be affected, but you may also experience significant customer loss. Website downtime may occur when the resources used exceed the server’s processing capacity.
  • Inability to provide flexible customization: Business growth often requires more server resources. The number of files you can store on a server is limited. If your website starts to grow and expand, you may need more space on the server to handle the content. Shared servers generally do not offer customization options, as all configurations are set by the operator from the beginning.
  • Concerns about security issues: Business expansion also means needing to store more data on the server. Once this data, especially sensitive data, is leaked, it can damage your company’s reputation and potentially lead to costly lawsuits. This is particularly relevant in industries such as gaming, finance, and e-commerce that involve financial transactions. Using a dedicated Taiwan dedicated server can provide higher security.

How to choose the right server type for your needs?

If the resources provided by a shared server can no longer meet the scale of your business, you can start considering a migration to cloud servers or dedicated servers. For small and medium-sized enterprises, cloud servers may be a more cost-effective choice. However, if budget is not a concern, dedicated servers are a better option.

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