When renting a Taiwan server to operate the international version of TikTok, it is important to know that IP has a significant impact on account traffic. If the IP is stable and has not been blacklisted, the initial view count of account videos is likely to be much higher than others! Therefore, in today’s era where traffic is king, the importance of IP is self-evident. This article will explain how to identify several common types of IP, including TikTok native IP, data center IP, and residential IP.

Using Taiwan Server: TikTok Native IP

TikTok native IP means that the IP is consistent with the data center. It is generally provided by server providers in the United States or other network server providers, including Taiwan servers, for profit, and rented or sold in large quantities to the public. TikTok native IP is often used by many people and has a somewhat shared nature. Therefore, the low threshold of TikTok native IP may be used for scalping, running spam email servers, or engaging in phishing activities. Due to the uncontrollable nature of such situations, these types of IPs are not suitable for website registration, commercial use, let alone operating TikTok.

Using Taiwan Server: Residential IP

Residential IP is completely different from TikTok native IP. To activate a residential IP, it needs to go through the scrutiny of telecommunications service providers. This is similar to mainland households needing to apply for broadband services from telecom operators such as China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile. By default, residential IPs are used by genuine users in the United States. Since the probability of being blocked by target websites is lower and more stable compared to TikTok native IPs, residential IPs are more suitable for operating TikTok, and their prices are generally higher.

Of course, when using residential IPs, it is important to note that if a U.S. residential IP has a bad record, it will be permanently recorded by U.S. telecommunications companies.

Summary of IP Characteristics Suitable for Operating TikTok:

  • Choose a “clean” IP, meaning the fewer people have used it, the better.
  • If possible, prefer residential IPs over native IPs.
  • Residential IPs have not been blacklisted by telecommunications companies.
  • The U.S. citizens who applied for the residential IP have no bad credit records.
  • The IP can be used and video content can be consistently streamed.