Dedicated servers are typically physical servers purchased or leased by companies, allowing businesses to have exclusive access to all the resources provided by the server. The advantages of dedicated servers include better performance, increased security and stability, lower latency, and flexible scalability. Taiwanese servers also have the advantage of being exempt from filing requirements compared to servers located in mainland China.

Dedicated Taiwanese servers can be used for various purposes. Here are some examples of how dedicated servers are commonly used, especially for rapidly growing websites with high traffic:

1. Website Hosting

Using a Taiwanese server for website hosting is the most common use case. Dedicated servers can provide reliable uptime and fast page loading times. Therefore, if the website experiences high traffic, using a dedicated server ensures better performance and improves the user experience.

2. Email Hosting

Email hosting is another common use case for Taiwanese servers. Many companies rely on email to send internal documents and information. By using a dedicated server for email hosting, communication can be monitored, and restrictions can be set for file and attachment uploads, providing a higher level of security.

3. Game Hosting

Using dedicated servers for game hosting allows for high-speed internet connections, reliability, and stability. This is particularly crucial for many modern games that require substantial resources to run smoothly without lag. Compared to other hosting solutions, dedicated Taiwanese servers offer more storage, processing power, and memory, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay.

4. Data Backup

Dedicated servers can also be used for data backup, providing an additional layer of protection for businesses. Since disasters can strike unexpectedly, backing up important data is essential to prevent loss.

5. Hosting Internal Applications

Similar to email hosting, dedicated servers can be used to host internal applications, ensuring a higher level of security and allowing for customized functionality based on internal needs.

6. Storing Sensitive Data

Due to the high-level security provided by dedicated servers, they can be used to store sensitive data. Dedicated Taiwanese servers can prevent unauthorized access to information, significantly reducing the risk of data breaches.

How to Choose the Right Dedicated Taiwanese Server?

Choosing the right Taiwanese server also means selecting a reliable service provider. Simcentric has provided services to thousands of domestic and international enterprises, including large publicly listed companies and Southeast Asian e-commerce platforms. With extensive project management experience, we help global businesses achieve international node deployments.