In the context of a globalized economy, many companies have found that as the domestic market becomes saturated, expanding their business internationally has become increasingly important. In the initial stages of international expansion, using overseas server rental to build online platforms becomes a necessary step for all businesses. Among the options for overseas server rental, Taiwan servers are a highly popular choice.

Strategic Location

Taiwan’s geographical location allows it to become one of the data center hubs in the Asia-Pacific region, situated at the intersection of Asia and the Americas. Additionally, Asia is one of the regions with the largest internet user base worldwide, and the physical distance between servers and users determines the level of network latency. Therefore, renting Taiwan servers enables users in neighboring regions to enjoy lower latency and more stable network connections.

Data Security and Privacy Protection

When renting overseas servers, companies may also be concerned about data security. Taiwan has strict data protection laws and regulations in place, ensuring the security of enterprise data stored on Taiwan servers. Moreover, Simcentric’s Taiwan data center has obtained ISO27001 certification for information security management systems, guaranteeing the reliability of enterprises’ information security and minimizing the risks of data breaches. If needed, companies can also enhance their ability to counter DDoS attacks by adding defensive options, thereby strengthening their resilience against network attacks.

Flexible Customization Services

Whether small or large-scale enterprises, when renting overseas servers, they may consider the need to upgrade server resources as their business grows. Taiwan servers offer flexible customization services, as Simcentric provides various options for RAM, CPU, disk space, bandwidth, and other resources to meet the diverse needs of businesses of all sizes. This ensures optimal performance and hardware compatibility.

Abundant Network Resources

For platforms that handle massive amounts of data and experience high levels of traffic, the sufficiency of network resources is a crucial consideration for overseas server rental. Taiwan is connected to more than ten submarine cables linking major continents, boasting abundant cable resources and high network redundancy. Simcentric also offers multi-line BGP hybrid bandwidth, providing default direct mainland China bandwidth of 10Mbps and international bandwidth ranging from 100Mbps to 10Gbps, ensuring fast and stable network connections.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

If required, Simcentric can provide data backup and disaster recovery solutions to address potential data loss incidents. Even in extreme situations leading to data loss, businesses can minimize the impact on their operations by recovering data from backups, thereby enhancing their ability to mitigate risks.