ICT Solutions and Services

Simcentric’s One-Stop ICT solutions and services offer a broad range of high-quality offerings to support the diverse ICT needs of businesses

ICT Solutions and Services
ICT Solutions and Services
a top ICT solutions company with comprehensive ICT network solutions and services
ICT Network Solutions
We provide comprehensive ICT network solution to organizations, which includes global network coverage, 24/7 network monitoring, and certified network infrastructure. This facilitates a reliable and secure network environment that meets the needs of businesses.
a top ICT solutions company excels in ICT service management solutions
ICT infrastructure solutions
The certified Tier 3+ data center operates as a highly secure and flexible infrastructure service that supports a wide range of ICT solutions.
A top ICT solutions company provides top ICT solutions and services
Professional Services
Integrating all resources into a single venue can offer professional advice to organizations to minimize costs related to network connectivity, storage, and technological configuration. This approach can lead to more efficient and cost-effective operations.
a top ICT solutions company excels in ICT solutions and services

ICT Network Solutions

Focus on the continuity of your growth without taking the burden

Penetrating Connectivity

Simplified your digital journey through one connection to the world

Comprehensive Management

Turnkey service includes procurement, configuration, 24/7 proactive monitoring, lifecycle engineering, capacity planning, and software upgrades

Diversified Services

Migration planning, site readiness, project management, and more

Tools to help you build and scale a successful business

Simcentric provides all of the ICT infrastructure solutions that business builders need, from computing to data center
ICT Infrastructure Solutions Management
Simcentric’s expertise in ICT infrastructure solutions enables businesses to efficiently manage their infrastructure, reduce costs, improve security, and increase flexibility.
Managed Hosting
Simcentric’s managed hosting services provide businesses with comprehensive management of their data center servers, operating systems, applications, and storage, resulting in increased operational efficiency, reduced costs, and improved scalability.
24/7 Monitoring And Maintenance
We help protect your business by providing real-time monitoring, security strategy adjustment, and other 24/7 services, all aimed at achieving a 99.99% guaranteed network uptime. This ensures that your business operates smoothly and securely, with minimal downtime and disruption.
A top ICT solutions company provides ICT solutions and services for your business success
Network Connectivity
Simcentric offers stable and high-speed internet connectivity as part of our comprehensive ICT business solutions, which include network security and data protection to help businesses operate more efficiently and securely.
Enterprise Management
Simcentric’s expertise in providing ICT business solutions enables businesses to manage their infrastructure more efficiently and securely, while our comprehensive problem management, critical incident management, change management, and performance management tools help them achieve their strategic goals.
Remote Infrastructure Management
Simcentric’s remote ICT service management solutions provide businesses with all-around management of their server, storage, network, security, and disaster recovery needs.

Professional Services

Put all resources and ability for growing your business

Ongoing Business Development

Simcentric’s reporting system optimizes infrastructure management, maximizing benefits and cost savings from our expertise.

Sensible Alternative

We maximize cost-effectiveness by sharing resources efficiently.

24/7 Monitoring And Maintenance

We provide on-site management and expert technical support, with timely responses to meet your business needs.

Informative Consultation

Utilize all resources and maintain your network lifecycle, including project management, network architecture, migration and implementation services.
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