Dell Storage Server SC7020F

Smart AFA choice for modern workloads. Scale-out storage solution with up to 5PB raw capacity and all-flash/hybrid configurations

Tech Specs & Customization

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Chassis Overview
Chassis formatAll-in-one (dual controllers, internal drive bays, networking) with expansion options
ProcessorsSingle Intel Xeon Processor E5-2630 v3, 2.4GHz, 8 coresDual Intel Xeon Processors, E5-2628 v3 2.5GHz, 8 cores
Controllers2 hot-swappable per chassis (active/active)
Internal storage capacity30 x 2.5” drive bays
System memory128GB per array (64GB per controller)256GB per array (128GB per controller)
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Expansion Capacity
Max raw capacity2.16PB per array, more in federated systems4PB per array, more in federated systems
Maximum drive count222 per array (with optional expansion enclosures), more in federated systems606 drives per array, more in federated systems
Supported expansion enclosures12Gb SAS
SC400: 12 x 3.5” bays
SC420: 24 x 2.5” bays
SC460: 60 x 3.5” bays
Storage media supportSSD: write-intensive and read-intensive drives (can be mixed in single system), SED SSDs
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Network and Expansion I/O
Front-end-network protocolsFC, iSCSI (supports simultaneous multiprotocol)
Max 32Gb FC ports8 per array (SFP+)24 per array (SFP+)
Max 16/8Gb FC ports8 per array (SFP+)24 per array (SFP+)
Max 100Gb iSCSI ports8 per array (SFP28)16 per array (SFP28)
Max 25Gb iSCSI ports8 per array (SFP28)16 per array (SFP28)
Max 10Gb/1Gb iSCSI portsUp to 16 SFP+ (10Gb) or Base-T ports per arrayUp to 32 SFP+ (10Gb) or Base-T ports per array
Management ports2 per array (1Gb BASE-T)
Back-end expansion protocols12Gb SAS
Max back-end expansion ports8 per array24 per array
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Functional & Performance
Array configurationsAll-flash arrays only
Storage formatNative block (SAN)
Max SAN hosts500500
Max initiator ports10001000
Max LUN size500TB500TB
Max number of LUNs20002000
Max number of snapshots8,19216,384
Max IOPS1,025,0001,200,000
Max IOPS (with latency <1ms)818,0001,050,000
Max IOPS (80% reads, 20% writes)330,000346,000
Max throughput (reads)19,000 MB/s29,000 MB/s
Max throughput (writes)9,500 MB/s14,000 MB/s

Benefits to activate the builder in you

From simple tools and predictable pricing to support designed for growing businesses, Simcentric’s dedicated server is built to serve the unique needs of startups and SMBs.

Flexible connectivity options

The SC7020F supports a variety of connectivity options, including Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and FCoE, allowing you to choose the best option for your environment.

High performance

With up to 2.4 million IOPS and 20GB/s throughput, the SC7020F can handle demanding workloads with ease.

Intelligent automation

The array includes Dell EMC’s Intelligent Data Mobility feature, which automates data placement and load balancing to optimize performance and efficiency.


Deliver a 27% increase in processing cores and a 50% increase in bandwidth over the previous generation of processors

Storage Flexibility

The array includes built-in data protection features such as snapshots, replication, and encryption to help keep your data safe.

Optimized Storage

The SC7020F is managed through Dell EMC’s intuitive Unisphere interface, which provides a single pane of glass for managing all of your storage arrays.

For More Details

  • SC 7020F Data Progression optimizes drive tiers and RAID levels, while Live Volume maintains seamless business continuity through auto-failover between arrays.
  • Performance and cost
    By default, all new data is written to fastest Tier 1 drives at RAID 10 performance levels, then converted to economical RAID 5/6 for subsequent reads.
  • All-Flash storage with good value for money
    All-Flash’s active/active, performance-centric design keeps IOPS and throughput high as you scale up and out, while ensuring every dollar you spend is targeted directly on application acceleration.
  • Data protection with Data Instant Replay and Remote Instant Replay. Sync/async replication across IP networks, deduped for efficiency.
Platform Efficiency
RAID Tiering
Auto Tiering
Thin Provisioning
Lower cost of performance
Data Reduction
Intelligent deduplication
Intelligent compression
Lowers cost of capacity
  • An average of ~60% in MS environments of data reduction on data that is compressed. Data reduction on an average of 4:1 and up to 10:1 for VMWare environments
  • Federated Systems
    Connect and manage multiple SC7020F systems as a single entity for simplified management and improved scalability.
  • Data Migration
    Move data between different storage systems for easier upgrades or consolidation.
  • Disaster Recovery
    Protect critical data with remote replication and failover capabilities in the event of a disaster.