10 Gbps Dedicated Server

Dedicated bandwidth for maximum performance, makes your connectivity more reliable, secure and faster

benefits of our 10Gbps server
benefits of our 10Gbps server

Fast, Secure, Scalable

Simcentric has numerous hosting models and servers in stock, including 100Mbps to 10Gbps dedicated bandwidth options to support the rapid deployment of overseas projects and nodes on our 10Gbps servers

Speed Comparison Between 10Gbps and 1Gbps

16 Mins 10 Secs
1TB File Transfer
Completed 100%
157 Mins 11 Secs
1TB File Transfer

No Limitation
Unmetered Traffic

No Long-term Contract
No Set-up Fee

Non-binding contract
and No Hidden Cost

Reach further with low-latency

Simcentric’s high-bandwidth service accesses multiple backbone networks for low latency and zero packet loss. Our 24/7 monitoring and expert routing ensure smooth data transfer. Use our 10Gbps server to speed up your business.
Network support for our 10Gbps server

network architecture

availability networks

Dedicated manager
and technical support channel

Network support for our 10Gbps server
Simcentric Global Connectivity
Multiple Uplink from Tier-1 Carriers via 100GE ports
ProtectiveLocal Loop
Data Center Resiliency
  • Multiple lead-in for ISP
  • Hybrid DDos Mitigation & Protection
  • Redundant Network Components
  • 24/7 on-site NOC Support

Simcentric Global Connectivity

Diverse Tier-1 Carriers‘ routes and corporate/organisational networks for our 10Gbps server
Simcentric’s 10Gbps dedicated servers run on a reliable infrastructure that provides unshared access to 10 Gigabit network bandwidth (10Gbps upstream x 10Gbps downstream).
We offer highly customized bandwidth products and direct cross-border connections to support high-bandwidth applications and websites, fully tailored to your business needs.

For More Details

A Multi-terabit, fully resilient global backbone (AS45753) covering major global regions
  • Global network partner for our 10Gbps server
  • Global network partner for our 10Gbps server
  • Global network partner for our 10Gbps server
  • Global network partner for our 10Gbps server
  • Global network partner for our 10Gbps server
  • Global network partner for our 10Gbps server
  • Global network partner for our 10Gbps server
  • Global network partner for our 10Gbps server
  • Global network partner for our 10Gbps server
  • Global network partner for our 10Gbps server
  • Global network partner for our 10Gbps server
  • Global network partner for our 10Gbps server
  • Global network partner for our 10Gbps server
  • Global network partner for our 10Gbps server
  • Global network partner for our 10Gbps server
Simcentric values network connectivity quality beyond just providing a network
Instant Deploy
No contracts. No long set-up time. We will deploy a 10Gbps server within 4 hours. Also, we do have a free trial service of seamless high-bandwidth connection for new clients.
Resilient Data Center
Simcentric’s Tier3+ data centers provide high-level fault tolerance and security, avoiding the risks of a single point of failure. Our automatic-routing optimization can improve the performance of a single internet connection, even in the face of latency and packet loss. These resilient data centers support our 10Gbps server.
Trusted Brand
Leverage Simcentric’s technology to create a bonded super-connection from multiple internet sources to improve performance for online activities such as live streaming, video calling, gaming, and web browsing. We offer best-practice case studies to clients globally, ensuring the shortest possible delay.
DDoS Protection
Simcentric’s Terabit-level Anti-DDoS system uses redundant networks and intelligent protection technology to effectively filter out malicious traffic and permit legitimate traffic, resulting in a seamless online customer experience. Additionally, our system provides a secure and stable environment for your 10Gbps server to operate in.
99.99% Network SLA
Simcentric offers exclusive bandwidth for your 10Gbps server through our Carrier-grade network, providing low latency and high resiliency with a 99.99% SLA. Our 24/7 NOC support guarantees redundancy, minimizing downtime for a reliable online experience.
24/7 Support
Our Technical Support team is ready and willing to help 24/7, promising 3 minutes Quick-response and 4-6 hours Fast-delivery. Get the support you need for a reliable network.
Trusted by a number of listed companies worldwide for its standardized operations and ONE-STOP customized solutions
Live streaming
Streaming services require substantial bandwidth resources, and sharing port resources can lead to poor service performance due to network congestion. Simcentric’s Global BGP network access addresses this issue by providing clients with the necessary redundancy and regional coverage to ensure stable service performance. For faster streaming, our 10Gbps server is an excellent option that delivers reliable and high-speed performance.
CDN(Content delivery network)
Distributing content to global audiences with high-capacity, fault-tolerant, and stable high-bandwidth solutions is crucial for businesses. Simcentric’s 10Gbps server is a suitable choice for CDN providers seeking to consistently deliver ultra-low latency Internet-accelerated connections, from static content to live video.
Gaming Platform
Our Tier3+ data center service provides gaming companies with a range of services such as high capacity node redundancy and fast migration to help gaming users break through internet bottlenecks and offer low latency, 0 packet loss online gaming experience for players of all sizes.
We follow strict operational process standards to provide a comprehensive rack and stack service that includes application and hardware setup (such as application servers and storage), equipment transportation and customs clearance, and racking and cabling arrangements. Our 10Gbps server can substantially benefit your E-commerce business by providing a fast and stable network to handle high traffic volumes and hence can bring faster website loading times, quicker checkout processes, and an overall improved customer experience.
Financial Services
Our 10Gbps server can provide speedy and reliable connectivity for financial service businesses, enabling them to process high volumes of transactions quickly and analyze large amounts of data accurately. This level of performance and reliability can build trust with customers and increase revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out the answer from our experts. Feel free to chat with our sales team.

01. What is a high bandwidth dedictaed server?

A dedicated server with high bandwidth provides more available bandwidth resources, allowing for more packets to be sent and received per second. This is similar to the flow of water through a pipe: the larger the diameter of the pipe, the more water can flow through it simultaneously. A 10Gbps dedicated server is a type of hosting service that provides a dedicated server with a network port capable of transmitting data at a speed of 10 Gigabits per second.

02. How Fast are 10Gbps Speeds?

1 Gbps = 125MB/s,5 Gbps = 625MB/s,10Gbps = 1250 MB/s.

03. Is there any limitation while using a 10Gbps server?

The only restriction is the physical limitation of the 10Gbps ports. For the time being, each 10Gbps server only is connected to one dedicated port, and clients will use the exclusive resources of the port.

04. How much do 10Gbps Servers Cost?

The cost of our 10Gbps Servers depends on the hardware and bandwidth options you choose. You’re not required to sign any contracts or commit to six months or more when using our 10Gbps server hosting service. While it may be a significant expense, a fixed monthly fee can save businesses time and effort compared to unpredictable monthly bills.

05. How can I increase my server bandwidth?

Please note that upgrading to higher bandwidth will require a change in your IP address.

06. Does the business need an international high bandwidth server?

International high-bandwidth servers are suitable for scenarios such as video streaming and trading platforms. Taking live streaming as an example, this will vary depending on your service type. If it is an audio streaming service, the cost will be significantly lower because the audio bitrate is very low and does not require a large amount of traffic for distribution. When you decide to launch a video streaming service, for example, at 1080p, the average traffic consumption per user will increase significantly. This means you will need a higher port speed.

07. Why might I choose a 10Gbps Server?

A 10Gbps server should be an ideal option if you are currently experiencing expensive and unpredictable bandwidth charges. It is also an excellent option for new projects (Production or UAT) that wish to use high bandwidth and reduce network congestion. 10Gbps connections will bring you the network capacity to handle some of the most demanding applications, like video streaming.

08. Can I choose a larger bandwidth option or private network?

Yes, Simcnetric also provides one-stop services such as rack&stack, hardware update, cross-connect, local loop, cabling service, ITO service, etc.
Need Higher Port Speed?
If you wish to upgrade your port, please contact our sales team for more information
We currently offers unshared 100/250/500/1000Mbps and 10Gbps bandwidth options in Hong Kong and Taiwan, CN.