Many overseas companies have long faced a dilemma of high latency, network instability, and high packet loss when connecting to the mainland China network. Network quality is crucial for business operations, and Hong Kong CN2 servers can provide optimized experiences for enterprises.

What are Hong Kong CN2 servers?

Hong Kong CN2 servers refer to high-performance servers running on China Telecom’s CN2 network, offering fast and stable network connections, low latency, and high bandwidth. They are suitable for enterprises with high demands for network performance, used for website hosting, application deployment, and data storage.

Here are several advantages of Hong Kong CN2 servers provided by Simcentric:

    • Low network latency

One of the advantages of CN2 routes is that they are directly connected between overseas and mainland China networks. By bypassing unnecessary network nodes during data transmission, latency can be reduced, transmission speed can be improved, and multi-path redundancy technology ensures network stability and reliability throughout the year, resulting in a smooth user experience.

    • Year-round stability

No enterprise wants to miss out on business opportunities due to an unstable server. Renting a server that frequently experiences downtime or malfunctions can lead to data loss and poor customer experience due to slow server response times, resulting in decreased customer satisfaction—an undesired outcome for platform operators.

Simcentric’s Hong Kong CN2 servers provide high stability and network connectivity throughout the year, making them a reliable choice for enterprises with long-term business needs.

Our Tier 3+ Hong Kong data center is equipped with ample redundancy, reliable hardware, and network infrastructure. With a network access capacity of over 1 Tbps, we can provide customers with abundant network resources.

    • Security

Data security is critical for any enterprise. Servers often store important data and confidential files, and any loss, theft, or damage to them is undesirable. Ensuring server security guarantees data integrity and confidentiality for enterprises.

Simcentric has a professional data center operation and maintenance team certified by ISO, along with intelligent detection systems to counter frequent and complex network attacks, such as DDoS attacks. We can detect and mitigate attacks promptly.

In addition, we offer diverse data backup and recovery options to enhance an enterprise’s risk mitigation capabilities if needed.

In summary, Hong Kong CN2 servers provide high-speed, stable, and secure networks for enterprises, meeting their high demands for reliable network services.