Price is undoubtedly one of the factors that any business considers when choosing a cheap dedicated server hosting plan. After all, budget is involved, and people tend to choose more cost-effective solutions. However, it would not be a wise decision to solely consider the cheapness of the price.

Limited server resources and performance

Server performance and reliability directly impact the effectiveness of a website platform. If the sole focus is on cheap prices, it may mean obtaining a server with limited hardware and network resources. On one hand, this increases the probability of hardware failures, and on the other hand, unstable networks or high latency can result in slow page loading speeds, ultimately leading to a decline in user experience. Therefore, before selecting a server hosting plan, it is necessary to understand factors such as the service provider’s hardware brand, network capacity, supplier, and facility redundancy deployment.

Technical support and services

The price of dedicated server hosting includes not only the machine itself but also the after-sales team behind it. Generally, reliable server providers offer professional technical support and troubleshooting. However, it is uncertain whether cheap dedicated server hosting will provide a team of experts for technical support, which may make it difficult for businesses to receive timely assistance and support when facing issues. Therefore, it is recommended for businesses to choose server hosting providers that offer 24/7 NOC & SOC technical support.


Cheap plans may offer lower SLA (Service Level Agreement) standards, and if interruptions or issues occur, businesses may not receive sufficient guarantees and compensation. Simcentric’s data centers provide ample redundancy, ensuring an international network uptime of up to 99.99%.

Security and data protection

With the increasing frequency of network attacks, businesses need appropriate security measures to protect their business data and sensitive information. However, cheap dedicated server hosting may invest less in this aspect. In comparison, reputable server providers generally offer network security solutions such as firewalls, encrypted communication, and regular backups.

Scalability and flexibility

As businesses expand, the data that needs to be hosted also increases accordingly. However, cheap hosting plans may not provide sufficient resource options, limiting the long-term development of companies. Therefore, when choosing a hosting plan, it is important to understand whether the plan offers flexible resource allocation and scalability options.