Hong Kong is favored by domestic users for its advanced internet technology and open network environment, providing rich bandwidth and IP resources. However, domestic users may encounter network stability issues when using ordinary servers in Hong Kong. CN2 route servers offered by Xintianyu Interconnect can help customers obtain more optimized solutions. So, what are the differences between CN2 route servers and ordinary servers, and what characteristics do they have?

Differences Between CN2 Route Servers and Ordinary Servers:

1. Transmission Speed:

CN2 represents China Telecom’s next-generation carrier network, which is not just for mainland bandwidth; it is a new generation network system known for stability, ample bandwidth, and low latency. Hong Kong’s CN2 dedicated lines provide faster access speeds for China Telecom users compared to mainland direct connections, making them highly favored.

2. Coverage:

The CN2 route provides direct connections between Hong Kong and mainland China, hence offering faster speeds and broader coverage. CN2 directly connects to China Telecom and uses a three-layer network structure that covers all 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the central government of China, 199 major Chinese cities’ CN2 backbone nodes and service nodes, as well as overseas POP nodes. Therefore, servers in Hong Kong using the CN2 route can provide excellent network services, better meeting the diverse commercial needs.

3. Meets Different Business Needs:

CN2 supports China Telecom’s key profit-making services, including voice, video, data, dedicated lines, and international interconnectivity. CN2 route servers provide high-performance network indicators, such as average one-way delay, maximum one-way delay, and one-way packet loss rate, meeting international standards, enabling Hong Kong CN2 route servers to support a broader range of business expansion and ensure the quality of data transmission between Hong Kong and mainland China.

Why Are Hong Kong CN2 Servers So Expensive?

Hong Kong CN2 servers are usually priced higher for several reasons:

  • Quality Performance of CN2 Route: CN2 (China Telecom Next Generation Carrier Network) is a high-quality network service launched by China Telecom. It provides low latency, high stability, and high availability network connections, which are particularly important for businesses that need to maintain good communication with mainland China.
  • High Infrastructure Costs: The CN2 route uses advanced network infrastructure, and maintaining and upgrading such a network incurs higher costs.
  • Service Level: CN2 server providers may offer additional services, such as better customer support, higher data security standards, and more comprehensive technical support. These add value and are also reflected in the price.