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Our Tier 3+ tier data center offers blazing-fast CN2 Direct-China bandwidth options of up to 1Gbps and 10Gbps international/global bandwidth, along with round-the-clock 24/7 NOC on-site support! Limited-time offer until November 30, 2023, with a limited supply!

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  • Higher Performance: Simcentric’s high-frequency servers feature up to 5.1 GHz frequency, providing faster CPU clock speeds, stronger processing power, and better overall system performance, resulting in quicker response times and lower latency. Many applications, especially older ones, are unable to effectively utilize multiple CPU cores and rely on the performance of a single core. In such cases, a high-frequency CPU can significantly enhance the execution speed of these applications.
  • Wide Applications: Simcentric’s high-frequency servers offer faster processing speeds and outstanding performance! From real-time applications, high-performance computing, virtualization, and databases to content delivery networks (CDNs), machine learning, artificial intelligence, and high-traffic websites – whatever your needs may be, we can remarkably solve them! Specific applications such as database servers, cache servers, or scientific computing applications involving extensive floating-point operations will also enjoy a silky-smooth experience with high-frequency CPUs, fulfilling rapid data processing requirements!
  • Fast Storage: Users can leverage NVMe storage for faster data transfer speeds. NVMe drives offer extremely high throughput when handling a large number of data requests in parallel, which means that high-frequency CPUs can fully unleash their performance without I/O bottlenecks.
CPUMemoryHard DiskIPBandwidthPrice per MonthLinks
E-233416G DDR4240GB SSD/1TB HDD5100MbpsUSD $167.40Purchase now
E-2386G16G DDR4240GB SSD/1TB HDD5100MbpsUSD $213.90Purchase now

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  • High capability: With multiple cores and multiple threads, our Taiwan dedicated servers could dramatically accelerate task processing, helping you easily meet all kinds of computing challenges.
  • Dual processors set up: Experience enhanced processing power and enjoy the benefits of redundancy and fault tolerance with our dual processors configuration. Ensure uninterrupted operations and maximize reliability.
  • Fast Cross-Border Network: Our Hong Kong-Taiwan IPLC cross-border dedicated network delivers blazing-fast data transmission! With dedicated bandwidth of up to 1 Gbps and unlimited data traffic, your data can reach major cities in Asia within just 70 milliseconds, ensuring smooth operation for your business!
CPUMemoryHard DiskIPBandwidthPrice per MonthLinks
Intel Silver 4110 x 232G DDR4 2*240GB SSD/2*2TB HDD5100MbpsUSD $334.80Purchase now
Intel Gold 6130 x 264G DDR42*240GB SSD /2*2TB HDD5100MbpsUSD $ 520.80Purchase now

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  • Cost-Effective Solution: Deploy our E3 dedicated servers at a highly affordable price with our exclusive 20% recurring discount. For only $151.9 per month, as long as you keep your server, you can enjoy this offer. Benefit from the robust performance of our dedicated servers while enjoying significant cost advantages.
  • No Need for ICP Filing: Instantly meet your needs, ensuring you quickly obtain the necessary resources and seize business opportunities!
  • Premium CN2 Network: Enjoy dedicated CN2 bandwidth of up to 1 Gbps, dedicated server hong kong ensuring the fastest connection speed of 10 milliseconds to Guangdong, 50 milliseconds latency to major cities in mainland China, and 60 milliseconds latency to major cities in Asia! With the E3 dedicated server, experience rapid responsiveness and enjoy an excellent network experience!
CPUMemoryHard DiskIPBandwidthPrice per MonthLinks
E3-1220v68G DDR41TB HDD / 240GB SSD (additional fee required)5100MUSD $ 151.90Purchase now
E3-1230v58G DDR42*1TB HDD/2*240GB SSD (additional free required)5100MUSD $ 182.90Purchase now

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  • Premium setup: Simcentric E5 dedicated servers provide flagship performance to handle demanding workloads efficiently. With multiple cores, high clock speeds, and advanced technologies, E5 servers can handle resource-intensive tasks and provide efficient processing power.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: E5 servers provide robust scalability to meet the demands of rapidly growing businesses. With various configuration options available, whether it’s increasing memory, expanding storage capacity, or adjusting network bandwidth, your system can seamlessly upgrade alongside your expanding operations.
  • Powerful network: 10Gbps High Bandwidth: E5 dedicated servers cater to applications with high bandwidth requirements, such as real-time streaming, online gaming, and e-commerce. The latency between major cities in mainland China is only 50 milliseconds, and the latency to major cities in Asia is just 60 milliseconds.
CPUMemoryHard DiskIPBandwidthPrice per MonthLinks
Intel E5-2620v4 x232G DDR42 x 2TB HDD / 2 x 240GB SSD5100MbpsUSD $ 363.48Purchase now
Intel E5-6252 x2128G DDR42 x 240GB SSD / 2 x 2TB HDD5100MbpsUSD $ 1095.85Purchase now

Why choose Simcentric?

  • Premium infrastructure: Simcentric delivers carrier-neutralTier 3+ data centers in Hong Kong and Taiwan. With connectivity options to over 20 global carriers, Simcentric ensures a fast and reliable BGP network infrastructure.
  • Professional experience: With over 15 years of successful project management experience, Simcentric has served numerous listed companies worldwide. In addition to our comprehensive server hosting, colocation, and network solutions, we specialize in providing customized solutions tailored to meet diverse business needs.
  • Reliable service: At Simcentric, we prioritize reliability and customer satisfaction. Our dedicated 24/7 onsite NOC team is always ready to provide technical support throughout the year. Rest assured with our 99.99% network uptime guarantee.