Since the launch of “Palworld,” the game has quickly topped the charts of popular games. More than four million copies have been sold on Steam alone, with a peak of one million concurrent players online.


As “Palworld” typically supports no more than four players in default multiplayer mode, building your own game server is the best way to enjoy a superior gaming experience with more friends.


By setting up a “Palworld” server through Simcentric’s services, you can play with friends in a private environment, ensuring a more smooth and enjoyable gaming experience!

This article takes the server setup process provided by Simcentric as an example, guiding you through deploying your own “Palworld” server step by step.

Choosing a Server

  1. Visit the Simcentric website:
  2. The official recommended configuration for setting up a Palworld server is at least a quad-core processor with 16GB of RAM or more:
  3. Select the desired configuration and click to continue with the purchase.

Special Offers

At the end of the year, Simcentric is offering a series of server promotions, a great opportunity to seize!

New users can receive free server trial services, and returning customers can enjoy exclusive discounts of up to 40% off on servers located in Hong Kong and Taiwan!!


Instant-on service, dedicated foreign IP addresses, large memory and bandwidth, connect to the international network instantly ↓↓↓


Official Configuration Requirements


According to official recommendations, it is advised to use at least a server with 4 cores and 16GB of RAM. Higher memory will lead to more stable performance.

Open Ports for Multiplayer Online Gaming!

  1. Palworld by default uses port 8211 for communication, so you need to open port 8211 on your instance’s firewall first.
  2. Download C++ Runtime Libraries
    Download link:
  3. Download DirectX Support Libraries
    Download link:
  4. Make sure you have purchased Palworld on Steam and open the game, click “How to Set Up a Server”:
  5. Start downloading Windows SteamCMD:
  • After a successful download, you will see the following icon, which is a zip file. Let’s open it:
  • After unzipping, you will see a SteamCMD file:
  • After clicking on the file, a black command window will appear, and many new files will be added to the folder:
  • Next, copy this text “steamcmd +login anonymous +app_update 2394010 validate +quit”:
  • Navigate to the folder path, type “cmd” to search:
  • Then paste the previously copied text into the pop-up black command window and press Enter:
  • Once the files have finished processing and “success” appears, you can close the black command window:
  • Next, open the folder, “steamapps” -> “common” -> “PalServer”:
  • Click on the PalServer file:
  • A black command window will appear, displaying the APP ID, which signifies that the server has been successfully started:
  • At this point, open the game, click on “Join Multiplayer,” and proceed with the multiplayer game server settings:
  • Enter the server IP here to connect to the server you have purchased. Note that the last part, “:8211” is the port and it is fixed. After entering, click “Connect” to proceed: