As the pace of digital transformation in enterprises accelerates, renting high-frequency CPU servers in Hong Kong has become one of the considerations for many businesses and entities. However, there is no doubt that ensuring data security is crucial when operating any business, including gaming, finance, education, healthcare, or e-commerce.

Why is data security important for businesses?

In today’s information age, the most valuable resource on the Internet is “data.” According to statistics, approximately 85% of companies consider data as one of their most valuable assets. As a result, many malicious actors target this aspect and launch attacks against businesses, such as DDoS attacks.

Once a business’s security defenses are successfully breached, it can significantly impact their operations. They may not only need to pay a ransom but also suffer negative effects on their reputation and brand image.

The security defense advantages of Simcentric’s high-frequency CPU servers in Hong Kong

DDoS Defense

High-frequency CPU servers in Hong Kong provide security protection against DDoS attacks. Firstly, through intelligent identification, they perform real-time detection and analysis of problematic traffic to identify network anomalies promptly. After identifying anomalies, they separate the problematic traffic from legitimate and normal traffic, ensuring uninterrupted normal business operations. Subsequently, dedicated DDoS filtering hardware and software are employed to filter and screen out malicious traffic, effectively countering DDoS attacks.

High-frequency CPU servers in Hong Kong provide 24/7 protection throughout the year, with high-capacity networks capable of withstanding indiscriminate attacks. They also analyze and optimize their protection systems after experiencing DDoS attacks, enabling rapid responses to the ever-changing threat landscape.

WAF Application Firewall

The WAF application firewall of high-frequency CPU servers in Hong Kong safeguards your applications against robots and other automated attack tools. Additionally, its data vault feature encrypts data within the browser, ensuring the security of your information. Moreover, the WAF application firewall utilizes behavioral-based DoS techniques and leverages machine learning to optimize DDoS attack protection.

All-in-One Defense Solution

Simcentric has a reliable and professional team for data center operations and maintenance, providing uninterrupted services 24/7/365. They continuously monitor and maintain the network to ensure 99.99% uptime, minimizing downtime and interruptions that could affect your business operations. Furthermore, Simcentric has served numerous domestic and international enterprises, including listed companies and large-scale e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, demonstrating their extensive project management experience.