In the boundless world of Minecraft, players can enjoy endless exploration and building fun. However, this free-form sandbox world also means that finding specific locations or returning to your carefully constructed base can be a challenge. Fortunately, Minecraft provides a coordinate system to help players accurately locate and navigate. This guide will detail the Minecraft gameplay guide, including how to open and use coordinates in Minecraft, whether you are playing in the Java Edition or Bedrock Edition.

Minecraft Gameplay Guide: Definition of Coordinates

In the Minecraft world, the coordinate system consists of three main values that represent a player’s position in the world. These three coordinates represent:

  • X-axis (Longitude): Indicates the player’s distance east (positive) or west (negative) from the origin.
  • Y-axis (Latitude): Indicates the player’s distance south (positive) or north (negative) from the origin.
  • Z-axis (Altitude): Indicates the player’s height or depth.

How to Open Minecraft Java Edition Coordinates

How to Open Minecraft Java Edition Coordinates

Wondering how to open coordinates in Minecraft Java Edition? In this version, the coordinate feature is enabled by default. Players can view coordinates by following these steps:

  1. While in the game, press the F3 key to bring up the debug screen, where your current coordinates will be displayed on the left side of the screen.
  2. For some computers, you may need to press Ctrl, Fn, or Alt along with F3 to access the debug menu with coordinates.
  3. To disable coordinate display, simply press the same key combination again.

How to Open Minecraft Bedrock Edition Coordinates

How to Open Minecraft Bedrock Edition Coordinates

Looking for Minecraft Bedrock Edition coordinates? Opening coordinates requires a few additional steps:

  1. When creating a new world, select the “Show Coordinates” option, and the coordinates will always be displayed on the screen.
  2. If you are on a server, the administrator needs to enter the command /gamerule showcoordinates true in the chat box to enable coordinate display.
  3. To disable coordinate display, use the command /gamerule showcoordinates false.

Minecraft Navigation Tips

Once you learn how to open coordinates, it becomes crucial to learn how to navigate using coordinates. Coordinates can help players:

  • Retrieve lost items
  • Locate specific ore layers
  • Meet up with friends
  • Find specific biomes or structures

Minecraft Server Setup Guide

Step 1 – Download and Install Java

Visit the official Java download page and download Java.

Step 2 – Install Java

Double-click the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

Step 3 – Download the Minecraft Server File

Visit the Minecraft server download page and download the minecraft_server.x.x.x.jar file (where x indicates the version number).

Step 4 – Create a Game Folder

Create a new folder on the D drive or at any location to store the game files.


Copy and paste the downloaded server.jar file into the folder you created.

Step 5 – Run the Game

Start the server by double-clicking the .jar file, which will generate configuration files. Modify these configuration files as needed before the server is ready for use.

Step 5 - Run the Game

It’s worth noting that in Minecraft navigation, the order of coordinates is not XYZ but XZY. So when reading coordinates, you should follow this order. If you’re confused about coordinates, try moving a few blocks to see which numbers change, and that will help determine the direction of each axis.