In today’s ever-growing consumption of digital content, BT (BitTorrent) remains a popular file-sharing platform. However, users often encounter slow download speeds, which affects the overall user experience. Fortunately, there is a way to significantly increase the download speed of BT files, which is by adding Tracker servers. This article will discuss how Tracker servers work and how to add Tracker servers to improve BT download speeds.

What is a Tracker Server?

Tracker servers are a key component in the BitTorrent download ecosystem. They are central servers whose main function is to coordinate different peers (downloaders and uploaders) to help them find each other. When a BT client begins downloading a file, it communicates with the Tracker server to report its status and query information about other peers. In this way, the Tracker server can connect downloaders with uploaders who have the necessary file fragments.

How Do Tracker Servers Affect Download Speed?

Download speed is affected by various factors, including your internet connection speed, your BT client settings, the health of the file (i.e., the number of seeds and peers), and the performance of Tracker servers. If there are too few Tracker servers or they are not functioning properly, the client may have difficulty finding other peers with the same file, which can lead to reduced download speeds.

Methods to Add Tracker Servers to Improve Download Speed

Choose the Right BT Client:

Firstly, you need a fully-featured BT client, such as Bitcomet, which allows the addition of custom Tracker servers.

Adding Tracker Servers:

In the properties of the download task, there is usually a place to add Tracker addresses. In the “Advanced Settings” or a similar tab, you can add new Tracker server addresses.

Finding Quality Tracker Addresses:

Platforms like GitHub host user-maintained Tracker lists, from which you can select and add to your download tasks.

Updating the Tracker List:

Tracker server addresses may change or become outdated; regularly update your Tracker list to ensure optimal performance.

Monitoring Download Speed:

After adding new Tracker servers, monitor your download speed to see if there has been an improvement, to verify their effectiveness.