ChatGPT from OpenAI has changed the way we interact with machines, but not all IP addresses from every region can access its services. Due to OpenAI’s API detection mechanism, IP addresses from unsupported countries or regions may not be able to use this service and could even face the risk of temporary or permanent bans. To avoid such situations, it is crucial to understand the ChatGPT usage guide, including how to check if your IP address supports the use of ChatGPT.

API Access Restrictions and Risks

OpenAI’s API service currently primarily supports countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. If you attempt to access OpenAI’s API from an unsupported country or region, you may face the risk of account suspension. This policy was updated and strengthened in March 2023, imposing stricter limitations on access.

Methods to Detect ChatGPT IP Compatibility

To help users proactively check if their IP address can access the ChatGPT service, there are open-source scripts available for this purpose. You can run the following command in a bash environment to perform the detection:

bash <(curl -Ls

Note: The source code for this script is available on GitHub at missuo/OpenAI-Checker, and anyone can freely use and distribute it.

Properly Using OpenAI’s API to Handle API Limitations

Considering OpenAI’s geographical restrictions on their API service, even if your IP address can currently access ChatGPT, it is essential to follow the correct methods to avoid triggering potential bans resulting from these limitations. Here are some ChatGPT usage guidelines:

  • Registration Process: Follow the registration instructions provided by OpenAI strictly. Considering the possibility of OpenAI API limitations, if you need to use proxies or verification code platforms, make sure to follow the guidelines precisely.
  • IP Address Selection: Not all foreign IP addresses can access OpenAI’s services. It is recommended to choose cloud servers or VPS located in supported countries and regions. Please note that IP addresses from certain regions like Hong Kong and Japan may also not be supported at times.
  • Server Selection: It is advisable to opt for cloud servers or VPS located in the United States whenever possible. If you require fast network speeds, consider using servers with CN2GIA, CUVIP (AS9929), or at least AS4837 routing paths.
  • IP Type: It is highly recommended to use native IP addresses to comply with OpenAI API restrictions and avoid using broadcast IPs. Native IPs are directly assigned to end-users rather than being indirectly assigned through internet service providers.
  • Avoiding Major Service Providers: Due to potential proactive blocking by OpenAI, it is advised to avoid using IPs from major cloud service providers such as Google GCE, Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and others.
  • Domestic Service Providers: While some domestic service providers offer cloud services with U.S. IPs, the attribution information for these IPs may not be accurate, leading to misjudgment and potential bans from OpenAI.