With the advancement of globalization, an increasing number of companies are expanding into overseas markets, bringing a new demand for international business processing capabilities. This strategic shift is particularly important for mainland Chinese enterprises, as accessing and utilizing international internet resources has become crucial.

However, mainland businesses face significant challenges when trying to access certain foreign websites such as YouTube, TikTok (the international version of Douyin), and Twitter. Some websites cannot be accessed normally in the mainland due to internet censorship restrictions. In this context, renting overseas servers has become an effective solution to this problem.

Why can’t the mainland access some international websites?

The main reason why mainland users are usually unable to access well-known foreign websites such as YouTube, TikTok (the international version of Douyin), and Twitter is that the domain names of these websites are blocked by the internet censorship system. This block restricts domestic network access, making it difficult for mainland users to visit these sites.

However, the use of streaming media has surged due to the pandemic, with a 60% increase in the volume of video content viewed globally over the past year, and an 80% increase in viewing time on YouTube and YouTubeTV, highlighting the importance of this channel for business operations.

The Access Advantage of Hong Kong Servers

By renting servers located in Hong Kong, mainland businesses can access foreign websites without barriers, including YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter. Data centers in Hong Kong have direct international line connections, ensuring high-speed data communications from Hong Kong to other parts of the world. For example, the international network solutions for mainland businesses offered by Simcentric are not limited to the ability to access international websites but also include a variety of technologies to optimize access speed.

CN2-GIA Optimized Access

Before using a server, it is necessary to understand the underlying network infrastructure. The 163 backbone network, also known as as4134 bandwidth, is China Telecom’s main network, accounting for 90% of its telecommunications service load. CN2, as a star product, is divided into two sub-networks: CN2-GT and CN2-GIA. CN2-GT performs better than the 163 backbone network, offering lower latency and less congestion, but still uses the 163. CN2-GIA optimized access, on the other hand, targets high-end users. Because it has less traffic, it operates under a light load, allowing users to enjoy ultra-low latency and stable cross-border data transmission. However, the challenges GIA faces include smaller export bandwidth and higher costs, which can lead to significant fluctuations in network stability under high traffic conditions.

Simcentric’s Hong Kong server features include its multi-line BGP mixed bandwidth, which can intelligently identify and switch to the fastest network route. The default configuration includes 10Mbps direct mainland bandwidth and 100Mbps to 10Gbps international bandwidth. Such a configuration can meet enterprises’ speed requirements and ensure the stability of cross-border data transmission, with ISO27001 information security management system certification and ISO9001 quality management system certification.

Access Speed and Network Latency

The response time or network latency of a server is an important metric for measuring network efficiency, especially for businesses that rely on fast network interactions. Using Hong Kong servers to access international networks is significantly better than direct access from the mainland, with an average latency reduction of about 60ms. This significant improvement has a positive impact on business operations in several aspects:

  • Video conferencing: Low latency ensures smoother video and audio communication during international video conferences, reducing stuttering and voice delays, and improving the quality and efficiency of meetings.
  • Real-time data synchronization: For businesses like financial transactions, online gaming, and stock trading that require real-time data updates, low latency means data can be synchronized almost instantly, which can have a significant impact on business outcomes.
  • Online customer support: Online customer service systems need to respond quickly to customer inquiries and issues.
  • Remote control and collaboration: For work that requires remote operation or collaboration, such as remote desktop assistance and online design collaboration, low latency can make operations more sensitive and reduce the risk of misoperation.

How to Choose the Right Service Provider

  • Connection Quality: Prioritize service providers that offer high-quality international bandwidth to ensure data transfer speed and stability, such as choosing a service with an international network online rate of up to 99.99%.
  • Bandwidth Configuration: Select an appropriate bandwidth configuration based on business needs.
  • Technical Support: Choose providers that offer 24/7 NOC & SOC technical support to ensure that any issues can be promptly responded to and resolved at any time.
  • Security: Consider the security measures of the service provider, including data backup, firewalls, and DDoS attack protection, among others.
  • Pricing: Compare the prices of different service providers, but do not choose a service solely based on lower prices at the expense of quality.
  • Customer Reviews: Look at the reviews and experiences of other users to choose a provider with a good reputation.


By renting Hong Kong servers, mainland enterprises can not only effectively provide international internet solutions for mainland companies but also gain a faster and more stable network experience, facilitating the international development of their business. Accessing the international network through Hong Kong servers is an ideal choice for enterprises. In today’s increasingly competitive global marketplace, enterprises that can efficiently utilize international internet resources are more likely to achieve success in the foreign websites and international market.