In the overseas IDC market, Hong Kong data centers have become a preferred location for many businesses due to their superior server resources and policy environment. Different types of businesses have varying demands for network bandwidth, and the reasonable calculation and configuration of bandwidth are key to ensuring stable business operations. This article will discuss how to choose high-bandwidth servers in Hong Kong for different industries.

Gaming Industry

The gaming industry has very specific requirements for server solutions, especially in terms of concurrent connections and bandwidth demands. Simple online games may only need basic server configurations, while large-scale multiplayer online games (MMOs) require significantly higher bandwidth, with common requirements of 100M or more. For example, 100M bandwidth theoretically allows a download speed of 12.5MB/s. The size of a gaming platform’s webpage can affect the number of concurrent users; a webpage of 600KB size allows about 21 users to access it at the same second. For large games, 100M dedicated bandwidth can support tens of thousands of concurrent accesses in a day, ensuring a good gaming experience.

E-commerce Industry

The e-commerce industry requires servers capable of handling large amounts of data, especially during promotional events when traffic can surge. Taking a shopping website with an average daily traffic of 200,000 visits as an example, if the average page size is 300KB, the total daily traffic is approximately 60GB. According to the 80/20 rule, at least 22M of bandwidth is needed to cope with peak traffic demands.

Forum Type Websites

Forums, due to their high interactivity, require stable bandwidth. Generally, Hong Kong forum servers should have at least 10M dedicated bandwidth. Text forums may not have high bandwidth requirements, but image-rich forums would need higher bandwidth configurations.

Video Streaming Sites

Video streaming and download sites deal with huge amounts of data, hence their need for particularly high bandwidth. Hong Kong server solutions have become an ideal choice for such businesses. Initially, 100M shared bandwidth can be considered, and as the site grows, different bandwidth configurations such as 30M, 50M, 100M, or even 1G can be selected based on user scale and download demands.

Financial Services Industry

The financial services industry, including online trading platforms, stock trading software, and digital currency exchanges, have extremely high requirements for server stability, security, and real-time performance. These platforms handle a large amount of real-time trading data and need very low latency and high data transfer speeds to ensure the immediacy and accuracy of user transactions. For example, a digital currency exchange may need to handle tens of thousands of transaction requests and fund transfer operations during peak trading periods. Such applications typically need at least 1G or even 10G of dedicated bandwidth to ensure that data is transmitted quickly and securely.

Hong Kong data center servers, with their fast, stable, and no need for filing advantages, perform excellently in various application scenarios such as foreign trade websites, email services, data exchanges, gaming, and audio-video downloads. Determining the appropriate bandwidth requirements for Hong Kong servers is crucial for the long-term development of a business.