In a highly competitive and diverse gaming industry, the choice of servers plays a crucial role in delivering an exceptional gaming experience. Among them, Hong Kong servers are highly recommended by many game developers and operators. This article will recommend the major advantages that Hong Kong servers can offer to the gaming industry.

Prime Geographic Location in the Asian Market

Hong Kong, as an international financial center, is located adjacent to mainland China and has close cultural and economic ties with other Asian countries. The location of servers is directly related to latency. Recommending Hong Kong servers can provide low latency, increased network stability, and an excellent gaming experience for Asian players. This, in turn, has the potential to help game companies expand their market reach.

Stable Power Supply and Infrastructure

Hong Kong boasts a stable and reliable power supply and advanced data center facilities. The local power supply has diverse sources and employs redundant designs to prevent interruptions due to unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, choosing a reputable server provider ensures the continuous operation of games. Simcentric’s Tier 3+ high-end data center in Hong Kong provides dual-path power access, 2N UPS, and N+1 diesel generators, along with ample power redundancy measures.

Superior Network Connectivity

Hong Kong is connected to dozens of international submarine cables and has advanced high-speed fiber optic networks and backbone networks, enabling faster data transmission and reduced network latency. Collaborating with over ten Tier 1 network providers globally, Simcentric offers a total network access capacity of over 1Tbps, providing low-latency and highly stable network connections that fully meet the network requirements of game companies.

Data Security Assurance

The gaming industry places great importance on player data privacy and security, as game companies deal with a large amount of sensitive data, including players’ personal information, payment details, and game progress. To minimize the risk of player data breaches, server recommendations prioritize the use of comprehensive network security solutions, especially to combat the increasing threats of DDoS attacks, phishing, and malware, ensuring user experience and game balance. Additionally, Simcentric provides 24/7 NOC & SOC technical support, offering prompt and efficient resolution policies for technical issues.