The charm of the internet lies in the ability to access information from around the world anytime, anywhere, and achieving this revolves around the topic of IP transit.

What is IP transit?

IP transit is a service provided by internet service providers (ISPs) that allows traffic to be transmitted through their networks to other parts of the internet. IP transit services utilize the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) to provide network access to the entire internet.

In simple terms, it’s like traffic in our daily lives, where the internet has different routes and data travels along these routes. IP transit is the way we transmit data from one place to another. During data transmission, it may go directly to the destination or pass through multiple locations before reaching the final destination. IP transit involves the entire process of transmitting data to the final destination.

How IP transit services enhance connectivity for businesses

In today’s internet era, strong and reliable network connectivity is crucial for the success of businesses. By offering IP transit services through Simcentric’s dedicated server data center in Hong Kong, businesses and organizations can seamlessly connect multiple networks and achieve fast, secure data exchange.

    • Highly redundant network

Simcentric’s dedicated server data center in Hong Kong offers flexible bandwidth options ranging from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps, supported by unique dual-redundant fiber technology that ensures the reliability and stability of network connections. In other words, if one path experiences a failure, data can be transmitted through the backup path, significantly reducing the possibility of service interruptions.

    • Carrier neutrality

Our dedicated server data center in Hong Kong collaborates with over 20 telecommunications operators, maintaining carrier neutrality. This means that users can choose the appropriate service provider based on their specific needs to obtain better services, pricing, or agreement terms, making business operations more cost-effective.

    • All-in-one solution

In addition to IP transit services, network services such as network planning, configuration, management, and monitoring are vital components. Simcentric’s dedicated server data center in Hong Kong provides an all-in-one solution with a 24/7 NOC & SOC team that offers technical support, efficient troubleshooting, and extensive project management experience, having served thousands of domestic and international enterprises.

    • Global network coverage

The network solutions we offer can be shared among multiple locations within a wide area network (WAN) and have global network coverage. Businesses can establish stable data transmission channels in multiple countries and regions, facilitating international business deployment and overseas expansion.