With its “Gateway to China, Window to the World” advantage, Hong Kong is recognized globally as an international financial center, attracting numerous financial institutions. For the financial industry, which generates a significant volume of high-frequency trades with substantial transaction amounts, there is a critical need for fast and secure network infrastructure. Hong Kong CN2 Data Center offers top-notch network infrastructure, performance, and services to meet these demands.

High-Speed Transmission Channel

Given the immense trade volume and high transaction amounts involved, a reliable and high-speed Hong Kong CN2 Data Center provides a fast transmission channel to facilitate real-time, high-frequency, and large-scale transactions. The Tier 3+ premium data center of Simcentric features high-capacity network bandwidth, optimized BGP network routing, connectivity with over 1Tbps of network capacity, and direct access to the backbone network in mainland China, ensuring rapid response times and expedited data transmission. The data center’s dual-redundant network architecture design guarantees 99.99% global network availability.

Integrity and Security of Transaction Data

The protection of sensitive data is crucial for financial transactions, as they are prime targets for hackers due to the substantial amounts involved. Firstly, a reliable infrastructure in the Hong Kong CN2 Data Center is fundamental to ensuring stable business operations. The data center is equipped with high-quality hardware servers, network devices, and storage systems.

In terms of data security, the Hong Kong CN2 Data Center offers both physical and network security defenses. Physical security encompasses robust power systems, air conditioning systems, fire protection systems, security systems, and monitoring systems to ensure sufficient redundancy and prevent disruptions to transactions due to unforeseen circumstances.

Data security relies on solutions such as firewalls and protection against DDoS attacks, allowing for the screening and elimination of suspicious traffic to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of customer-sensitive data.

Flexible Handling of High-Frequency Trading

The financial industry’s trading landscape is ever-changing, with trade volumes fluctuating at any given moment. If there is a sudden surge in trade volume that exceeds server resources, it can lead to latency issues and impact trade execution. Whether it involves increasing server capacity, upgrading network bandwidth, or customizing resource allocation, the Hong Kong CN2 Data Center can meet customer needs and provide flexible and scalable personalized services.