For many developers and technology enthusiasts, having a high-speed and stable relay server is crucial. With its superior geographical location and network environment, Hong Kong servers have become a popular choice for building relay servers. This article will provide you with a comprehensive tutorial on setting up a relay server on a Hong Kong server to help you accelerate your internet experience.


Before you start building, you need to prepare the following:

  1. A Hong Kong server, preferably from well-known cloud service providers such as Alibaba Cloud or Simcentric Server
  2. An SSH client, such as PuTTY or XShell
  3. Basic knowledge of Linux command line

Choosing a Relay Protocol

There are several mainstream relay protocols available:

  • SS
  • SSR
  • V2Ray
  • Trojan

In this example, we will demonstrate how to build a relay server on a Hong Kong server using V2Ray. V2Ray is a powerful proxy software that supports multiple protocols, has strong compatibility, and is easy to extend.

Installing V2Ray

First, use an SSH client to connect to your Hong Kong server. Then, execute the following command to install V2Ray:

bash <(curl -s -L

During the installation process, follow the prompts to select the installation options. After installation, V2Ray will start automatically.

Configuring V2Ray

The V2Ray configuration file is located at /etc/v2ray/config.json. You can use the following command to edit the configuration file:

nano /etc/v2ray/config.json

A simple configuration file example is as follows:

  "inbounds": [{
    "port": 10086,
    "protocol": "vmess",
    "settings": {
      "clients": [
          "id": "b831381d-6324-4d53-ad4f-8cda48b30811",
          "alterId": 64
  "outbounds": [{
    "protocol": "freedom",
    "settings": {}

Here, port represents the port that V2Ray listens on, while id and alterId are used for client authentication. You can modify these according to your needs.

Starting V2Ray

After completing the configuration, use the following command to start V2Ray:

systemctl start v2ray

You can use the following command to check the running status of V2Ray:

systemctl status v2ray

If everything is normal, you should see a prompt indicating that V2Ray is running.

Client Connection

Now, you can configure the V2Ray client on your client device to connect to your Hong Kong relay server. Taking V2RayN on the Windows platform as an example, you need to fill in the following information:

  • Server address: Your Hong Kong server IP
  • Port: The port that V2Ray listens on, such as 10086
  • User ID: The id in the configuration file
  • Alter ID: The alterId in the configuration file
  • Encryption method: Automatic selection is fine
  • Transport protocol: TCP

After filling in the information, click connect, and you can now access the internet faster through the Hong Kong relay server.


This article has detailed the steps to build a V2Ray relay server on a Hong Kong server, including installing, configuring, and starting V2Ray, as well as client connection. With a high-speed and stable Hong Kong relay server, you can greatly improve your network access speed and stability. Of course, besides V2Ray, you can also try using other relay protocols, such as Shadowsocks or Trojan. Choose one that suits you best.