In recent years, fintech has rapidly developed worldwide. As a global financial center and a hub for data centers in the Asia-Pacific region, Hong Kong has played an important role. Hong Kong IDC provides key services such as data storage, data security, and technical support to fintech companies, promoting the continuous development of the financial industry.

Geographical Advantage

Hong Kong is adjacent to mainland China and is one of the core cities in the Greater Bay Area, which includes cities like Shanghai and Tokyo, making it close to major Asia-Pacific financial centers. It is also in proximity to numerous fintech companies in the Greater Bay Area. The geographical advantage of Hong Kong data centers provides lower latency and faster data transmission, as network latency is influenced by the location of the data center.

High-Speed Network Connectivity

Hong Kong has high-speed network connectivity and advanced network infrastructure. It is connected to over ten submarine cables that span the globe, offering abundant network resources. Particularly for high-frequency financial transactions, low latency and stable network connections are essential. Faster transaction execution can reduce costs and risks.

Furthermore, with the high volatility of financial markets, fast network connectivity allows financial institutions to respond to the market in real-time, enabling them to execute trades at more favorable prices. Low-latency networks also handle multiple transaction requests simultaneously, making operations more efficient.

The Tier 3+ Hong Kong data centers of Simcentric collaborates with over ten T1-level network providers worldwide, offering multi-line BGP blended bandwidth. It provides a default 10Mbps direct connection to mainland China and international bandwidth ranging from 100Mbps to 10Gbps. The international network uptime reaches 99.99%.

Data Security Assurance

The financial industry has always placed high demands on data security due to its involvement in large monetary transactions and sensitive personal information. To prevent critical data from being easily leaked, Hong Kong IDC offers network security solutions against common network attacks such as DDoS attacks. These solutions enable rapid responses to the ever-changing network attack environment.

Professional Technical Support

Hong Kong IDC Simcentric has a professional data center operations and maintenance team that provides 24/7 NOC & SOC support. We monitor and troubleshoot faults to ensure the availability of servers in Hong Kong data centers. In cases of emergencies, hardware failures, or extreme weather conditions, the data center team can quickly adapt and restore equipment and business operations.