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Web Application Firewall(WAF)

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Web Application Firewall(WAF)

Combines machine learning, threat intelligence, and application-layer encryption to protect your APP and website


Secures core business data and prevents server malfunctions caused by malicious activities and attacks

Advanced Application Protection

Advanced WAF combines machine learning, threat intelligence, and deep application expertise

Defenses for the OWASP Top 10

Detects and blocks common OWASP threats, including SQL injection, XSS, file inclusion, directory traversal, etc.

Proactive Bot Defense

Protects apps from automated attacks by bots and other malicious tools

API Protocol Security

Deploys tools that secure REST/JSON, XML, and GWT APIs

Multi-security Strategy

Deploy multiple strategies, include behavioural analytics and machine learning provide highly accurate L7 DoS detection and mitigation.


Functions include: https flooding defence, threat updates, wildcard domain, multiple cert/domain, CPS/TPS control, IP intelligence, B/W list, Geo IP blocking

Application Scenarios

Defend against common attacks on application/website

  • Web Page Tampering
  • CC Attacks
  • 0-Day Vulnerabilities
  • Data Leakage

Web Page Tampering

Attackers leave backdoors on website servers or tamper with web page content, leaving your site defaced and potentially causing you losses


Website Malicious Code Detection
Detects malicious codes injected into the website server, helping ensure a safe visit to the site
Protection Against Web Page Tampering
Prevents attackers from tampering with or changing web page content, or publishing indecent information that can damage the organization's reputation

CC Attacks

If a large number of malicious CC attacks are initiated, core resources are occupied for an extended period of time, causing slow website response or service interruption


Against Zombie-based CC Attacks
Allows you to flexibly set rate limiting policies by IP address or cookie, provides highly precise CC attack detection, and ensures that services remain uninterrupted
Configures response actions and content of returned pages to suit your particular needs

0-Day Vulnerabilities

WAF provides 360-degree protection using virtual patches against attacks that may exploit 0-day vulnerabilities in third-party frameworks or plug-ins


Swift Response
No code change or server patch. All rules are updated regularly in WAF Cloud to protect against new threat
Lower Cost
The virtual patches produce lower cost and less impact on services than the traditional patches

Data Leakage

Malicious visitors use such methods as SQL injection and webshells to intrude on website databases and steal service data or other sensitive information


Precise Identification
Uses machine learning, threat intelligence and deep application expertise to examine traffic from different dimensions for added precision in thwarting attackers
Multi-dimensional Protection
Encrypts data at the app layer to protect against data-extracting malware and man-in-the-browser attacks. Protects against brute-force attacks that use stolen credentials.

Simcentric Advantages

Multi-dimensional Security Solutions

Easy Set-up

Flexible access with easy set-up and save time for technicians

Visual Management

Provide control portal to support real-time traffic and real-time event log monitoring

Quick Response

Professional technical team 7×24 on site management and monitoring, quick response to customers

Reliable Service

WAF leading supplier, its performance, cost, safety are among the best

Lower Latency

15ms(fastest) connect to the mainland China market with multi-line BGP redundancy network to ensure outstanding user experience


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