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Dell EMC SC5020 Storage Array

Accelerate workloads, automate savings

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Launches One-Stop
Dell Storage SC5020

Storage Array

Maximize customer savings and
increase storage capacity

Dell EMC Storage SC5020

Attain storage simplicity and manageability Ways to achieve scalability and agility while delivering transformational SSD, HDD or hybrid performance.

Well-designed | Strong Performance

The new SC5020 brings the following benefits to your business with dual 8-core Intel processors, 4x memory, and 12 Gb SAS back-end:


IOPS Increase

45 %

IOPS Increase

Maximum Capacity Increased


Maximum Capacity Increased

(Gb / S) Bandwidth Increased


(Gb / S) Bandwidth Increased

Accelerate Processing Workloads | Reduce Storage Costs

The new SC5020 leverages a modern architecture that optimizes data center economics while delivering revolutionary SSD, HDD or hybrid storage performance that saves storage costs automatically

Data Scheduling

Leveraging cost-effective storage media combinations to achieve IOPS targets even as performance requirements change.

Data Deduplication

Dramatically reduce the raw capacity needed to store data

RAID Layering

Eliminate manual configuration and increase efficiency and utilization


Streamline your multi-array environment with fast, seamless data movement and help your servers achieve active load balancing

ProSupport Service

With remote installation options to ensure that the project started smoothly, and reducing deployment costs

Permanent Software License

Future-investment, minimize upgrade and expansion costs

The Advantage of Modern Workload Intelligence

The new SC5020 data scheduling feature automatically optimizes drive and RAID levels for increased performance and cost savings, and a data storage time increases, the system moves it to less expensive storage until it is in a more active state again. Data will be used exactly where it’s needed and when it’s needed, to resulting in high IOPS and cost savings.

0-100% Flash Storage Architecture

Add more flash storage to improve performance, or use “low-cost, deep” spinning disks as cold data continues to grow.

Intelligent Data Reduction

The new SC5020 data reduction is fully integrated with data scheduling, saving on the cost of SSDs, hard drives or hybrid systems.

Low-cost Business Continuity

Run a seamless volume-level automatic failover between local and remote arrays to ensure mission-critical applications are up and running during unplanned outages and disasters.

Simcentric Tier 3+ Data Center in Hong Kong

13 Global Telecommunication Carriers | ISO Certified | Tier 3+ Data Center | International Standards

Dedicated line
Connection to China

Direct connection to China with CT/CN2, CMI & CU.

Private line services

Provide point to point and point to multipoint private line since.

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Our specialized teams are here to support and work with client to solve problems and troubleshoot.

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Our live chat QQ, 400 telephone lines offer instant respond by our professional team, handle the critical task as fast as 5 minutes respond time.

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By providing premium managed service which includes Data Center, Connectivity, System monitoring, security.