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Dell R740xd

PowerEdge R740xd
Unleash your potential with Simcentric

The 2U two-socket platform is ideal for ultra-high execution to enrich your AI journey


Breakthrough Power

Dell EMC 14th Gen Server with the new intel processor, each processor up to 28 cores (56 to dual processor)
NVDIMM memory to protect data security. Whether data center outage or system crash can retain data in memory
New Gen PERC RAID, IOPS up to 1 million, 230% increase in 4K random write speed than the previous generation, and have higher security with its own battery.
VMware® support 2 times virtual machine number than the previous generation.

Simplified Management

iDRAC9 with Lifecycle Controller gives the user a unique agent-free management capability with deployment, modification, error detection, and maintaining of server parameters.

General self-diagnostic repair, improve work efficiency by 90%

VMware® vSphere® helps user
with easy integration.

Dell OpenManage™ technology work at peak efficiency for PowerEdge servers, delivering intelligent, automated management of routine tasks.

GPU Accelerated Computing

Accelerating workloads with up to 3 double-width 300W GPUs, up to 6 single-width 150W GPUs or up to 4 FPGAs, which greater GPU scale-out capacity than the previous generation by 50%.


Enjoy the ultimate performance of the GPU server with ready-to-use, fast delivery and low cost


Dell NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU easy to handle massive data records with high deep-learning performance.


Support "Pay on Demand", give users more flexibility, optimize the cost of enterprise IT equipment

Easily Handle Multiple Workloads



Virtual Server/Desktop

Data Base/Business Analysis

Software Defined Storage

Intelligent Integration


R740xd vs R730xd

Scale-out Capability

Certified GPU option for


Increased from 1.5TB to 3TB,
speed increased from 2133MT/s to 2666MT/s

Storage Controllers

The RAID controller is upgraded from H730P to H740P and increase performance from 2G NV cache to 8G NV Flash Backed cache.

Why Simcentric Dedicated Servers?

High-quality Servers

Every R740xd is officially purchased from Dell, providing customers with the brand new dedicated servers and ultimate Hong Kong servers rental experience.


Data Center

We pride ourselves in having ISO 27001 and LEED silver certifications to our data center. Our full UPS systems with 2N redundancy levels and backup generator systems, 2N or N+1 chillers & environmental control by CRACs keep data center operating at peak.


Global Network

Simcentric data center is not only the carrier neutral data center, but also cooperated with global Tier 1 network providers as well as CT/CN2 direct China bandwidth, to support customers' global business strategy.


Technical Support

Solve network, data, application and various challenges with Certified ISO 27001 & 9001 experts providing 24/7 online technical support and quick responses under 99.99% SLA network connectivity.

Collaborative Advantage

Considering the customer demands, Simcentric offers exclusive service plan and establish a superior business service. Meanwhile, we insist on the principle of honest cooperation to protect the interest of customers.