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The PROMO begins on 2018/11/11 – 2018/12/10. Not applicable to extra bandwidth, IP & System.

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Selected the 20Mbps International Bandwidth plan, server will be FREE upgraded to 100Mbps for international bandwidth

Direct China Bandwidth Combo

ONLY USD$100 /Monthupgrade to 10Mbps direct China Bandwidth
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Wide Range of Selection All DELL & Supremicro E3、E5. Limited to 88 servers each.

To New Servers

E3 server

1TB x1 or 1TB x2 Hard-disk
FREE Upgrade to 240G SSD x1 or 240G SSD x2

1TB x1 or 1TB x2 Hard-disk
FREE Upgrade to 480GB SSD x1 or 480GB SSD x2

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Promotion details:

  1. The event will start from November 11, 2018 and end at 23:59 on December 10, 2018;
  2. This offer only applies to new servers, not to replacement servers;
  3. The offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional activities and discounts;
  4. This offer is available on payment and is not available over promotion period;
  5. Simcentric provide free test for servers;
  6. As upstream network provider in HK, Simcentric provide new servers to customers;
  7. As Carrier Neutral data centre, treat all operators equally;
  8. 8.Simcentric Solutions Ltd will retain the final decision in case of any dispute.

Comprehensive products selections

With high quality of Value-Added service

Dedicated line Connection to China

Direct connected to CT, CN2, CMI, Fast, high capacity bandwidth.

Private line services

Provide point to point and point to multipoint private line since.

Easy to Set-up

No ICP (Internet Content Provider) registration of mainland required, ready to use, easy to set up.

Professional Technical Team

Our specialized team are here to support and work with client to solve problems and troubleshoot.

Quick Responds

Our live chat QQ, 400 telephone line offer instant respond by our professional team, handle critical task as fast as 5 minutes respond time.

One Stop Solutions

By providing premium managed service which include Data Center, Connectivity, System monitoring, security.