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A secured network service is our critical business

  • Border Gateway Protocol
  • Cisco & Juniper - 3-Layer Hierarchical Model
  • Network Infrastructure

Border Gateway Protocol

Simcentric is a consumer-focused Internet service provider (ISP)used BGP to peer with multiple upstream carriers that promise to increase the stability of their network, providing end-to-end quality-of-service and penetrating the enterprise markets. With the separation of core and edge routing into two routing protocols, our redundant network core becomes more stable, as the edge problems cannot disrupt the core.

The BGP has the brightest intelligent to autonomously navigate the perfect route for you in case of any network connectivity issue is detected.

Cisco & Juniper - 3-Layer Hierarchical Model

Our core network configuration aims to build a redundant, scalable, and high performance network Infrastructure that is specially engineered for the best stability you can count on.

Network Infrastructure

Simcentric always want to build the well-developed network ecosystem that unlock the scalability and support the growth of your business. Access to the internet with dual 100G fibre network equipment and sufficient hardware inventory meet the stable network connection and capacity requirements.