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Fully Managed Dedicated Hosting

Maximum Security and Reliability
High-Quality Performance Servers
Total Capacity of 100+Gbps
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Strategic APAC location - Hong Kong

What Makes Our Dedicated Servers Stand Out From The Rest


Simcentric has multiple 10Gbps connections with a total capacity of 100Gbps. It is operated to meet high level performance, redundancy, reliability and scalability.


We strive to deliver the highest quality products and services. We are actively collaborating with World largest hardware supplier such as Dell and SuperMicro.


Our extensive range of products can be tailored to your specification. We are committed to doing more than meeting our customer’s needs. We are committed to doing quality work.


We provide 24×7 premium support with superior level of technical response. We protect your data with world-class assistance from our team of certified engineers.

Optimize Your Network Experience

Drive Security Awareness and Maximize Performance

Many companies struggle to implement adequate secure network infrastructures because network security has become so complex. Businesses are being challenged everyday while maintaining performance and efficiency. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping your business achieve security through vigilance and resilience. We have the perfect network solutions for your business. We tailored your network configuration to protect your business, maintain compliance and boost performance.

We offer add-ons to help companies add an extra layer of security. Our firewall service delivers high performance network security, high gigabit port density, supports redundancy and resiliency features, etc. Users can self-manage their security in real-time and view destination server IP addresse and static rules. Contact our sales team for more information about our add-ons security service. We are committed to supporting our customers with 24×7 security solutions.

Firewall Security

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