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Powerful network of globally positioned data centers to block the largest of attacks
Efficient Analysis, Defense System, Detection and Mitigation

DDoS Protection Platform / First Line of Defense

DDoS Distributed Denial of Service Attack

Simcentric DDoS protection platform protects mission-critical online services and protects against the most challenging distributed denial of service attacks. It is capable of mitigating a wide range of DDoS attacks while maintaining full service connectivity and availability to avoid degrading the delivery of legitimate traffic. It prevents downtime and ensures availability for domain resolution.

DDoS Defense
Detects spoofing and regular flooding attacks
Implementing Barriers
Implementing barriers and absorbs attacks by scaling in order to prevent attackers from disabling access to your services or applications.
Best DDoS Protection
Simcentric protects Internet-facing infrastructures against all known types of DDoS attacks at the network, transport and application layers.
Protection for Individual IP Addresses
Divert abnormal IP traffic to the cleaning center for the cleaning in case of anomalies.
24 x 7 Website Protection
Supported by our 24 x 7 Security Team
High Scalability
Depends on the scale of DDoS attack in order to upgrade service package at any time.

DDoS Instant Filtering

DDos Defense analyzes traffic 24 x 7 to ensure there is no delay in mitigation.

Defense Services /29 IP or /24 IP

24 x 7 protection against all DDoS attacks

24 x 7 DDoS Protection Service
(/29 IP)
Max. Attack Bandwidth:
1Mbps Bandwidth:
Mbps Add-ons:
Please contact us for the monthly rental fees of 256IP

Intelligent DDoS (C Segment, /24 IP)

Offers an ideal solution by enabling a layered defense strategy to combat both volumetric and application-layer DDoS attacks. The intelligent DDoS Mitigation System (defense mechanism) detects those distributed attacks and stops them.

Intelligent DDoS Service
(C Segment, /24 IP)
Max. Attack Bandwidth:
1Mbps Bandwidth:
Mbps Add-ons:
Please contact us for the monthly rental fees of 256IP

All of our DDos protection service is measured by 1Mbps clean traffic. 24 x7 network Traffic Monitoring. We can provide the suitable and scalable solutions at anytime base on your needs

Simcentric DDoS Protection
Defense over 99% DDos attack effectively
Our DDos protection service is measured in 1Mbps.

All Simcentric staff and our team heartedly provide you the best quality of services

Network Security Shield

4 main reasons to choose us

Easy & user friendly
Provides integrated application, network security, security tool management, multi-layered security architecture and DDoS attack prevention.
Cost saving
Once traffic has been re-routed through our DDoS mitigation network, DDoS attackers abandons their attacks since they do not have the capacity to overcome our DDoS protection.
Security cooperation
Simcentric protects services using collective knowledge about security threats, which includes new and emerging DDoS attack methods.
World class 24×7 service
Due to the vast knowledge and experience as we had in network attacks, our teams are able to provide 24 x 7 response services to customers in order to stop all the DDos attacks fast.