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Hong Kong Data Center

Hong Kong Data Center

A secured digital edge, reach every connection to the world


Every Simcentric data center delivers operational expertise, standards compliance and physical security to safeguard your mission-critical data.

Managed Hosting
Offer management services for your data center servers, operating systems, applications and storage with the highest levels of security and operational reliability.

    7x24 Enterprise Management
  • Problem Management
  • Critical Incidents
  • Change Management
  • Performance Management
  • Capacity Management
    Remote Infrastructure Management
  • Server
  • Storage
  • Network
  • Security
  • Disaster Recovery

Carrier Neutrality
Carrier-neutral data centers provide various options of service providers (telecommunications, ISP, or other), to provide the diversity and flexibility of the client seeking service.

99.99% Network Connectivity
A sophisticated fault tolerant design, no single point of failure and highest levels of redundancy built-in, providing a 99.99% uptime network service you can rely on.

Professional Certification
Awarded Tier 3+ certification, LEED Silver rating and ISO9001 & ISO27001 certification for its qualified design and highly secure and efficient operation.

7x24 Safe Operations
Protect your assets with the latest hi-tech systems that include multi-level security measure 7x24 based along with reliable well-disciplined and biometric access control system.

Full Measures For Disaster Recovery
Designed to mitigate natural disasters or human error, effectively reducing impact to customers' system and business operations.

  • iTech Towers
  • Equinix
  • iAdvantage


  • Electricity
  • Network
  • Cooling
  • Fire System
  • Safety and Security


  • Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS with (15+15) minutes battery backup in 2N configuration to support mission critical operation
  • Custom built data center with dual path for electrical and telecom cabling
  • Utility Power from CLP transmission ring to provide dual 11kV feed, dedicated transformers for data center use
  • Diesel generators with onsite fuel storage to support continuous operation
  • Essential power feeds from dual incoming power sub-station via diverse delivery routes.


  • Strategic partnership with 12 Tier 1 carriers that achieve guaranteed 99.99% uptime with maximum 100+Gbps connectivity
  • Catergory of network access: Cat5E、Cat6、SM/MM optical fiber 、DS3、E1 and Coaxial
  • Carrier neutrality allows interconnection between many colocation, interconnection and cloud providers
  • 100% Direct China Bandwidth: China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom


  • CRAC units in N+1 configuration supported by dedicated water-cooled chillers
  • Highly efficient chillers with redundancy to maintain the computer room environment
  • Schneider Electric air conditioning provides lower hot and cold channel separation design
  • The room temperature is controlled at 22℃ (+/- 2℃), humidity is 50% (+/- 10%)

Fire System

  • Fire Suppression: FM200 / Novec gas and / or pre-action sprinkler system
  • Thermometer, hygrometer, and smoke detector in whole data center areas
  • Automatic Fire Alarm with direct connection to the fire service stations
  • Frequent check and fire practice of fire system in every week

Safety and Security

  • 7x24 professional security supervision and patrolling
  • Building Management Systems- chiller plant, power supply system, room temperature & humidity and water leak detection
  • Biometric / multi-access control system and 7x24 hours video surveillance
  • Strict entry and exit personnel supervision and document review

Frequently Asked About Data Center From Simcentric

As the example of Simcentric’s Tier 3+ data center is required to provide a complete set of management facilities, such as security for network service, physical security, cooling, power system and more. N+1 UPS is the highly secure electronic security system that ensure the server can be ran smoothly. All these configuration and hardware are adopted in international branded IT technology.

The Certified Data Center is definitely better than the self-built data center. The self-built data center might possibly locate in the normal building without compliance, whereas, the certified data center is certified from International Data Corporation (IDC) by following the requirement of the architectural standard, including structure, security, and stability. Tier 3+ data center from Simcentric offers high levels of redundancy, reliability, scalability and security management in BGP network. Our data center can be monitored and operated in 7×24 based with a qualified backup system and industry-leading technical support.

According to relevant rules, the data center should be far away from the source of pollution. It should be located in a safe place and stay away from hazards to ensure the safety of data center. In order to guarantee the stability of power supply of data center, the data center is located near the power station. While the selection of data center, it suggested to choose Hong Kong Data Center due to its geographical advantages of a gateway for international hub and less likelihood of happening disaster. Simcentric operates four Tier 4-ready data center in Hong Kong which designed and built strictly in accordance with Tier 3+.

Data center which own multiple carrier neutral telecommunication provider, also means that it entitled to provide multiple connection and simultaneously access to different destination, unlike single networking carrier. The more international carriers you able to collaborate with, the faster and safer the network you can let your customer to experience the stable environment.

Meanwhile, to identify the trustworthy data center, the amount of the telecom carriers can also reflect the connectivity of the data center. Simcentric is a high-quality BGP data centers cooperated with 13-line direct China and oversea bandwidth, including China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, PCCW Global, NTT, Telstra Global, PLDT, GTT, TeliaSonera, Centurylink, KT (South Korea Telecom), and HKIX.