Data Centers in Taiwan

In Taiwan, cutting-edge, eco-friendly data centers form the backbone of the thriving digital sector

get started with the best data center in Taiwan
get started with the best data center in Taiwan

Taiwan TWFE1 Data Center

Tier 3+ Data Center

  • Providing services such as server hosting, colocation, private connection
  • Optimizing cost-effectiveness in carrier-neutral environment

High Capacity Network

  • Owned BGP routes with access to capacity of over 1Tbps
  • Direct connection to the mainland through China Telecom (including CN2 GIA), China Mobile and China Unicom
  • International routes with Premium level routing offers by worldwide Tier 1 carriers

99.99% availability

  • Dual independent network pipes
  • All the core equipment adopt sufficient backup sets in order to ensure redundancy

Features and Benefits

power of Simcentric Taiwan data center
  • Two urban power supply lines, which come from different substations
  • Double high/low voltage distribution room, double bus pipe connection to each floor
  • N+1 high capacity parallel UPS system protection. Within 15 minutes, full load power supply will be active
  • N+1 diesel generator set, two 60,000-liter main oil tanks could provide power for more than 7 days
  • All power equipment adopts N+1 backup
  • 24/7 mechanical and electrical personnel on site to monitor and maintain Routine inspection and drill
cooling system of Simcentric Taiwan data center
  • Enough space to satisfy the cooling system supply and the hot air dispersion
  • Downblown water cooling system
  • Constant temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Hot and cold channel design
  • Several sets of refrigeration equipment work alternately return air design system
  • 700 metric tons of water storage tank could handle more than 5 days of full load air-conditioning water usage.
security support for Simcentric Taiwan data center
  • 24/7 building security management
  • 24/7 hours CCTV video monitoring and the records would be saved for at least 6 months
  • Access control system
  • Strict supervision and certificate examination of people in and out

fire suppression for Simcentric Taiwan data center

Fire Suppression
  • Photoelectric smoke sensing system
  • Ion smoke sensing system
  • FM200 fire
  • Regular inspection and drill