Data Centers in Hong Kong

Stable data centers in major Asia-Pacific cities ensure efficient transmission. Optimize user experience with high-performance dedicated servers

introduction of data center in Hong Kong
introduction of data center in Hong Kong

Hong Kong HKIT2 Data Center

Tier 3+ Data Center in Hong Kong

  • Providing services such as server hosting, colocation, private connection
  • Optimizing cost-effectiveness in carrier-neutral environment

High Capacity Network

  • Owned BGP routes with access to capacity of over 1Tbps
  • Direct connection to the mainland through China Telecom (including CN2 GIA), China Mobile and China Unicom
  • International routes with Premium level routing offers by worldwide Tier 1 carriers

99.99% availability

  • Dual independent network pipes
  • All the core equipments adopt sufficient backup sets in order to ensure redundancy

Features and Benefits

power for our data center in Hong Kong
  • Supported by 99.999% CLP power and equipped with 2N transformer and generator set
  • Two urban power routes from different substations
  • Dual power access is provided for each crack to switch automatic by STS
  • PDU supports CTS to satisfy uninterrupted power transmission
  • 2N UPS to generate sufficient power within 10 minutes
  • N+1 diesel generator set to meet emergency load and power supply capacity requirements
  • Weekly examine and monthly drill
cooling system for our data center in Hong Kong
  • N+1 refrigeration unit and precision air condition (CRAC) environmental control
  • N+1 Air conditioning unit Group(N≤5)
  • N+1 Water cooling system (chiller, water pump, cooling tower)
  • Air conditioning is provided by multiple power supplies via ATS
  • 1000 mm return air pressure ventilation system
  • Leak detection system
  • Cold/hot channel rack layout
  • Temperature control range: 20-24 ℃
  • Air humidity Range: 50%(+/-10%)
  • Schneider Electric SA
security for our data center in Hong Kong
  • 24/7 professional security supervision and patrol
  • 24/7 hours video surveillance. Video storage for 1 month
  • Biometric/access control system
  • Strict supervision and certificate examination of people who walk in and out

fire suppression for our data center in Hong Kong

Fire Suppression
  • Non-corrosive gas automatic alarm fire protection device to ensure that the electronic equipment in the facility will not be damaged in an emergency
  • AFA automatic system
  • Professional smoke and temperature detectors
  • Handheld device
  • FM200 fire
  • Dry powder extinguishings
  • Inspect weekly and test monthly