Simcentric Data Centers

Our purpose-built Hong Kong Internet data centers, Taiwan Internet data centers, and upcoming US Internet data centers provide a global network

Simcentric Purpose-built data centers
Simcentric Purpose-built data centers

What we are offering…

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Hong Kong Internet Data Center

developed Hong Kong idc data center infrastructure
Simcentric manages purpose-built Tier 3+ Hong Kong Internet data centers, with a focus on data center infrastructure. These carrier-neutral idc data centers enable connectivity with multiple international carriers, such as HKIX, PCCW Global, NTT, Telstra, PLDT, GTT, KT, and more. Additionally, our Hong Kong-based idc data centers offer direct connections to Mainland China via China Telecom (including CN2 GIA), China Mobile, and China Unicom, enhancing the data center infrastructure and facilitating seamless data transfer.
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Taiwan Internet Data Center

sophisticated Taiwan idc data center infrastructure
As a neutral data center provider, our Taiwan-based idc data centers prioritize the connectivity of data center infrastructure to global carriers such as HKIX, JPIX, US PAIX, China Telecom, PCCW, NTT, FLAG, TWGATE, and others. By leveraging connections through China Telecom (including CN2 GIA), China Mobile, and China Unicom, our Taiwan Data idc centers offer dependable and low-latency direct connections to Mainland China.
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US Internet Data Center (Coming soon)

advanced data center infrastructure for the upcoming US idc data center
Our upcoming US-based Internet data center is strategically located in the western region of the country, with a focus on optimizing the data center infrastructure to provide fast and reliable connectivity to the US west coast, South US, and Latin America. This state-of-the-art facility will be connected to top US and international carriers, ensuring seamless data transmission and bolstering the data center infrastructure. Moreover, our west US idc data center will have access to robust technical support and advanced infrastructure prevalent in the West Coast region, further strengthening its capabilities.