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Trusted Hong Kong data center experts with 17 years of experience. We offer dedicated server hosting, colocation, and ICT solutions

About Simcentric

Simcentric, established in 2007, is a prominent Internet service provider in Hong Kong. Our primary commitment has always been to deliver top-notch customer solutions, achieved through our secure infrastructure, innovative vision, and a track record of remarkable success.
With years of experience at our disposal, Simcentric consistently delivers best-in-class solutions spanning various categories, coupling them with our industry-leading technology and customized offerings that transform your chosen possibilities into tangible realities.

Our Commitment

Over the past 17 years, Simcentric has transformed into an ICT evangelist, leveraging the extensive operational experience and a robust network infrastructure to safeguard your business from risks and failures.
At Simcentric, our core focus is on connectivity and empowerment. We are dedicated to serving each of our business customers with exclusivity and professionalism that sets us apart from competitors. Our belief is that success is defined by delivering satisfactory solutions rather than solely focusing on profits. That is why we remain committed to providing our valued customers with the best network infrastructure and the latest server models, enabling them to stay ahead and exert great influence.

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Choosing Simcentric

  • Simcentric is certified ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System (ISMS); ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management and LEED 2009 Silver rating certification for its data center.
  • Through substantial investments in IT infrastructures such as multiple carriers, high-end hardware, and dedicated data centers, we have played a significant role in establishing this city as one of the most interconnected in the world and a vital hub for data centers.
  • With over 1,000Gbps+ global network capacity, our offer of Premium China route and several Tier-1 global routes allow us to deliver an impeccable quality of service with high speed and low latency.
  • Simcentric ensures your business with high availability, complete transparency, and guaranteed confidentiality away from risk under our hyper-efficient dedicated server service with quick respond 24/7 technical support.

Simcentric History

Self-owned IPv4 Address over 200K

Global network capacity over 1Tbps

Awarded “Cyber Security Premium Partner” organised by HKP,GovCERT.HK and HKCERT

Lauched Taiwan Data Center Service

Launched ‘Hybrid Bandwidth’

Launched Tier3+ Data Center in Hong Kong

Certified Equinix Partner

Marked the 10th Anniversary of the Establishment of Simcentric

Directly peer with more than 30 networks at HKIX

Launched China-optimized(Direct China) routes

Connected to HKIX

Provided wide range of service include web hosting, dedicated server hosting, colocation, MS exchange, data center solutions

Simcentric was established

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